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Rick A. Wilson


Larry Yancey


Matthew A. Wilson

President / CEO


Graduate of University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Arkansas Bowen School of Law Master Studies Honors Program

Executive in the U.S. Oil And Gas Industry, construction, legal, drilling and production


Owner and Developer of businesses in Ranching, Recreational Vehicles, Auto, Retail, and Real Estate and Construction Industries

Active Board Member of Banks and Champions Christian College


Hobbies: Big Game hunting, Golf, and Grandchildren

Exec. VP/ Legal Counsel

Graduate of University of Arkansas  and New York University School of Law 


U.S. Air Force veteran

28 years in private practice of law in St. Louis, MO and Little Rock, AR focusing on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and tax matters  

Hobbies:  Grandchildren, Golf, and Travel

VP/ Real Estate and Construction

Graduate of Arkansas Tech University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Econ/Finance

16 Years of real estate and construction experience


Hobbies: Being Crawford's dad, Hunting ducks, deer, and elk, Auto Racing, and calling the Hogs!

Jordan Bradbury

Staff Accountant / Controller 

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